I have a complex artistic practice that embraces a wide range of media. My artistic goal is to investigate homogenization of two to three different ideas or objects to form a new one. By using conceptual art structures, the new art form freely explores its relationship to language and content, and its role as an artwork; it is a personal and sincere reflection about the integration.  As a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural individual, my reactions and interactions are synthesized into a uniquely Californian reaction and output of artistic production. The work is a new and modern American view that is not governed by technique but by concept.  I often incorporate various media assemblage, sculpture, and painting. I choose which elements work best for each piece, and above all, maintain a true and sincere appreciation of the artwork’s conceptual origin, and how past events relate to a contemporary political situation.   


My current work is focused on technology growth and its patterns. All human and man-made advances in objects have a way of obfuscating their organic and analog roots. As objects and technology grow and change into a completely newer, faster, cleaner, and smaller object, the new technology covers up or replaces the original form.  This new work is a visual observation and appreciation on how nature is a loose foundation for the structures of technology.  Each piece’s foundation is either wood or metal, the patterns come from modern and new computer circuitry, and are applied mechanically.  The organic paint is composed of pine base nitrocellulose lacquer.  The color pallet comes from naturally occurring color combinations and inorganic chemical combinations.  All the elements come together to create a new visual form that refines its formation but does not communicate its foundation.



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